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After many good and bad experiences with sofa, do read this compiled 5 tips for cleaning and maintaining your fabric sofa. Are you aware of the reasons why fabric sofa cleaning should be done regularly? You aren’t?! Oh no! Read on to keep you up to date!

For starters, cleaning your fabric sofa regularly extends the useful life of your sofa. It allows you to avoid purchasing a new sofas every few years. Doesn’t that sound great? Money saved is money earned.

Another reason why regular cleaning is important because it improves the fabric sofa’s appearance and removes any bad odor that may be lingering around. Cleaning it regularly keeps it looking fresh and amazing. Perfect to crash into after a long day of work. An added bonus is the removal of allergens that might be irritating your family’s noses and skin. 

Now, let’s dive into some helpful tips in cleaning and maintaining your fabric sofa.

Tip 1 : Clean up any spillages and stains quickly

This would help prevent any unwanted stains that might otherwise be permanent without quick cleaning. Therefore, be quick to act when a spill occurred on your sofa then you wouldn’t have to worry about ugly stains later.

Tip 2 : Test before commitment

When trying new products for your fabric sofa, always spot test the cleaning supplies on an unobvious area on the sofa. This is to check and ensure that the cleaning supplies do not have an adverse effect with the sofa materials. This tip could save your loads of headache later, so do remember it when trying new cleaning products.

Tip 3 : Let the sofa dry thorough after cleaning

This is to remove the moldy smell that you might experience, like a cloth that is left moist for too long. By ensuring that it is thoroughly dried after cleaning, you would be able to avoid this dilemma altogether.

Tip 4 : Vacuuming your fabric sofa

Might be a little silly, but it is really effective in removing dirt, debris, dust mites and small particles that otherwise would be really difficult in removing. Be warned, you will be amazed how much dirt would be left in the vacuum cleaner even after you have cleaned the fabric sofa.

Tip 5 : When Tip 1 to 4 is too much of a trouble for you.

Engaging a professional sofa cleaner would be life’s greatest hack for thorough cleaning and convenience. Plus, you are in luck! Orang Utan Cleaning is a reliable sofa cleaner that you
could be looking for.

Here is what their company provide to customers:

1. Experienced team

Their staff are specially trained to deal with all sorts and kinds of sofa that are current in the market.

2. Friendly service

They have received much positive reviews from previous customers of their satisfied services.

3. Effective cleaning methods

With years in the sofa cleaning business, they have acquired several tricks of the trade in effective cleaning and techniques in removing otherwise unremovable stains.

4. Proper tools and cleaning equipment

Equipped with the latest tools and cleaning equipment, their cleaners would be able to perform the task with the utmost effectiveness and efficiency.

You could rest assured. Orang Utan Cleaning are the best fabric sofa cleaners in the market.

Plus, they currently cater to Kuala LumpurSelangorIpoh and Penang to ensure quick customers services to all their clients.

What else is there to consider? 

Get in touch with their friendly team new via phone call or email for a FREE couch or sofa cleaning service consultation.

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